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Valorie Bender Quesenberry

God’s Errand Boy – H. E. Schmul


The account of H. E. Schmul from a boy to his life calling as God’s Errand Boy

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Product Description

The story you are about to read is remarkable. An unwanted baby, an incorrigible adolescent, a boy evangelist, a fiery young pastor, an orator, a pulpiteer, a visionary, a unifier, a writer, a publisher, a leader, a husband, a father, a grandfather, a great-grandfather, an historian, a traveler, a suf- ferer, a legend—this is the man Harold Edward Schmul. A man whose story began in Germany many years before his birth with a family named Kremp. A man who, through his writing and his publishing and his convention, impacted families around the world, maybe yours. You will be challenged by his life and his words; I know I have been.

Valorie Bender Quesenberry.- Author